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The North Vietnamese Army later used the prison to house prisoners of war during the Vietnam War.

Well known figures such as Senator John Mc Cain, James Stockdale and Bud Day were just a few of the many prisoners of war that spent time in this prison.

This capital city of Vietnam once served as the headquarters of the North Vietnamese communist army.

Today, it provides a beautiful and educational window into a country that is most often visited through the Southern, tropical Ho Chi Minh City, once called Saigon.

There are bustling streets full of bicycles, motorbikes and cars; an elegant blend of Asian Pagodas, communist block buildings and French Colonial relics; and there are a host of fun and unique attractions in Hanoi for the adventurous traveler.

If Buddhists were to build a treehouse, it would likely look a lot like this.

The palace is now used for official receptions and isn’t open to the public.

Please join me to make our life the most brilliant o..

Two thirds of the prison was torn down to make way for the Hanoi Towers; the rest was turned into a museum and is now a popular tourist attraction in Hanoi.

In 1999 a Hilton Hotel opened in Hanoi and was carefully named the Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel.

Where the South is palm trees and beaches, the North is tall, sharp rocky mountains full of waterfalls, deep emerald waters with pearl farms, and a culture that is as unique as it is beautiful.

A visit to Hanoi provides travelers with a fascinating blend of East and West.

Inside, there is a small shrine to the Bodhisattva of Mercy.

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