Dating gurus guide to get girls txt


The Tao of Badass isn’t about being a jerk trying to get every woman you meet into bed.It covers how to deal with the most common situations which also happen to be where most men go horribly bad.

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That’s when I came across a book called The Tao of Badass – Everything You Need to Know to Be a Badass With Women. But the more I looked into it, the more I realized that this Joshua guy really does know a lot about getting women.It’s actually kind crazy how much people sweat Michael and his texting techniques.I guess people just really appreciate it when you help them to get their ex back…You can listen to some testimonials in this video he made…Scanning the room for Ashton Kutcher or Howie Mandel!Or being out at a bar and watching some guy make that long walk all the way across the bar to ask a girl to dance with him only to be rejected!But, if you’ve never heard of this Michael Fiore guy before and are wondering what makes him such an expert, I feel ya…

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