Dating customs in holland

Caricom, a group of 12 former British colonies together with the former French colony Haiti and the Dutch-held Suriname, believes Europe should pay for a range of issues spawned by slavery, from poverty and illiteracy to ill health.

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Today's claim, which also targets Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, comes at a pertinent time for the issue of slavery - just a week after Steve Mc Queen's epic 12 Years A Slave won the Oscar for Best Picture in Los Angeles.'Over ten million Africans were stolen from their homes and forcefully transported to the Caribbean as the enslaved chattels and property of Europeans,' the claim says.

The owners themselves - often the younger sons of British aristocrats who crossed the Atlantic to find their own riches after their fathers' wealth was passed down to their older brothers - made fortunes which many used to build lavish homes across the English countryside.

At first, the campaign was countered strongly by those who profited from it.

A coalition of Caribbean leaders will meet today in St.

Vincent to discuss a landmark legal claim for reparations - that could run into the hundreds of billions of pounds - for a legacy that many say still lingers across the palm-fringed archipelago.

When Gonsalves found out last year that London's High Court ordered the British government to pay compensation to survivors of Kenya's Mau Mau uprising, he contacted Day, whose law firm Leigh Day, represented the Mau Mau.

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