Dating an echoplex

It’s definitely worth scrolling through all of the H9 factory presets for each algorithm as these give you excellent starting points for getting a feel for what each algorithm as to offer.

I really enjoyed the rhythmic ambience of the Ultra Tap’s BATMAN and DISAPPEARING HALL presets.

Compared to the Factor and Space pedals, the H9 is shockingly minimal with just 2 footswitches, one giant knob/button flanked by a few more tiny buttons, and a much smaller footprint than its predecessors.

The H9 delivers 8 of the most popular algorithms from their Factor series and Space pedals, 2 from each pedal, and also comes with 2 algorithms exclusive to the H9, Ultra Tap and Resonator (Ultra Tap is pre-installed, Resonator is available upon downloading the latest version of the H9 Control app for i OS), for a total of 10 different algorithms covering the range of delay, reverb, modulation, pitch-shifting, and several unique combinations that you won’t find anywhere else.

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In our Eventide H9 Harmonizer review, you’ll find out if the H9 is the best multi-effects pedal/processor available.

While I intend to write as comprehensive of a review as I can in reasonable length, I highly advise you to read into Eventide’s other stompbox effects units including the Time Factor, Mod Factor, Pitch Factor, and Space pedals as the H9 is capable of producing all of the sounds from Eventide’s entire stompbox collection.

In this Eventide H9 Harmonizer review, I am going to give you an account of the H9’s included algorithms and functionality and then cover the H9 Control App.

While the incredibly wide range of sound-shaping possibilities the H9 offers is impressive, the most interesting aspect of the Eventide H9 Harmonizer is its full integration with Apple’s i OS and various touch-screen devices including the i Pod Touch, i Phone, and i Pad via the H9 Control App.

This offers an unprecedented level of control over creating and organizing presets as well allowing for some interesting real-time control possibilities via touch-screen.

And of course the ability to audition and download new algorithms and their accompanying preset banks through H9 Control ensures that there will be plenty of expanded playability and features for years to come.

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