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Keep it simple Supposedly the last words of AA's founder, Bill W (ilson). ‘Perhaps the Day after Tomorrow’ another proverb promises. But the rules have relaxed since the patriarchs, Bill W.

Newcomers shudder at the prospect of never (ever, ever) being able to drink again. Even more importantly, if I, after 31 years, 2 months, and 4 days, fall off the wagon, what have I lost? It makes it easier to clamber back on again, and go for that 90 day chip. Respect the first tradition: anonymity Which, of course, is what I’m flagrantly not doing here.

With other early members, Bill Wilson and Bob Smith developed AA's Twelve Step program of spiritual and character development.

AA's initial Twelve Traditions were introduced in 1946 to help the fellowship be stable and unified while disengaged from "outside issues" and influences.

If you have a teen with a learner's permit add them to your membership for FREE.

Keeping your entire family covered will help keep you and yours safe and secure.

He's actually the reason I started going to Al Anon (and I will always be grateful to him for introducing me to this program).

For me, this means not giving up my Alanon meetings, my friends, family, work or interests. We're together nearly two years now working our own programs.

Before I expectated a relationship to meet all my needs. Someone in early sobriety needs a good support system. My own recovery helps me to make thoughtful decisions concerning my part in my relationships with other people.

Working the Alanon steps with a loving Alanon sponsor, belief in a power greater than myself (higher power) continues to provide that guidance and trust in myself as I make choices that focus on my own life first. When we began our friendship, he told me I would need understand that his program came first and that (concerning his sobriety) all he had was these 24 hours.

) These are just one person's thoughts, only you will know what is right for you.

AA suggests members don't get into a relationship until they are at least 12 months sober and have worked the steps.

The Traditions recommend that members remain anonymous in public media, altruistically help other alcoholics, and that AA groups avoid official affiliations with other organizations.

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