Dating a vintage gibson


However, this second car may have been a proper B19: see the Bill Barber car.Presumably the B19 advertised by Doug Shierson Racing (contact Matt Spitzley) in Autosport .Also driven at ADAC-Flugplatzrennen Mendig and Zandvoort .Sold early 1972 to Jörg Zaborowski for Interserie and other sports car races 1972.Colin Pool's Chevron B19 at the Brands Hatch International Historic Weekend 31 May-1 June 1986. Raced by Colin Pool in historic racing and in Thundersports in 1986 (#63; co-driver William Wykeham). Then fitted with 2-litre alloy block Hart BDA engine and raced by Miles at Hockenheim 4 Jul, Croft 10 July, Brands Hatch 30 Aug (BDA engine changed to FVC), Nürburgring 5 Sep (co-driven by Wilson Fittipaldi) and Thruxton 19 Sep (FVC).After a second mediocre season of historic racing in 1986, Pool took the car to Racing Fabrications who prepared it to a much higher standard and it won the HSCC historic GT championship outright in 19. Sold to Frank Aston and used in sprints with a BDA engine: debut Weston ("recently purchased from the DART team" MN p23).

This would be the car in which Zaborowski appears again at the Nürburgring 500 km 2-litre sports car race 2- in a Chevron "B21" (AS pp10-12). Also driven by Bamford at Thruxton Yellow Pages Trophy Race 12 Apr, the Paris GP sports cars 23 May, Silverstone 5 Jun, Vila Real 4 Jul (MN p19), Wunstorf 15 Aug, Brands Hatch 30 Aug, Nürburgring 5 Sep, Thruxton 19 Sep; by Peter Creasy at Zandvoort 26 Sep; by Bamford and Creasy at Montlhéry 17 Oct; and finally by Bamford at Vallelunga 30 Oct.

There is no reason for Chevron to use frames in exactly the order that Arch made them so these numbers are unlikely to align in the majority of cases.

Chassis plates are easy to detach so it is likely that modern owners only have a frame number (i.e. One of the aims of this research will be to unpick these errors and line up modern cars with their correct provenance.

Barber (Birmingham, Michigan) and Shierson (Adrian, Michigan) again dominated SCCA Central Division BSR racing in 1972 in their Chevrons and finished third and fourth respectively in the 1972 Runoffs. The cars being used appear to have been the new B19-71-2 and a new car possibly their B16 converted.

The newer B19, assuming it can be safely identified by its full-width rollover hoop, was raced by Bill Barber and Charlie Kemp in the Feb 1973 Daytona 24 Hours.

Following the success of the B16 Spyder during the latter part of 1970, Chevron put this model into production for 1971 as the Chevron B19 (although typically known as the Chevron B-19 in the US).

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