Dating 20 years ago


Some women feel much more comfortable giving out their email address than their phone number when meeting someone for the very first time.Email is also a way for two people to get to know each other before actually speaking on the phone.Cell phones have made communication between men and women extremely convenient helping two people get to know one another better. I snuck off to work a few days later and explained why I couldn't add her as a friend but 2 days earlier I had been trying to locate her.I went off to work and flew back a couple of time during the 3 months I was gone.these were wonderful breaks from work but too short a time her.must add that she would keep things in sometimes until it really needed to be dealt with instead of talking it out as it goes.

In the past a man would go to a dance or night club to meet a woman but now that we have the Internet that has all changed.I had to be patient in the beginning to win her over, she made me show her I would be the " right one" When sure we made our promises of exclusivity.We had many the same likes and dislikes but NOT so similar that it was like going out with yourself. Great sense of humor, Music etc etc It was all there. then I accepted a job that had a fair amount of travel involved (not tourism ) She accepted this since it was my field of work and we had talked about the possibility of this happening in the future.In our parents time a guy was limited to dating women who lived in his area or town.If you lived in a small town it was very common for many single people to not only know of each other but to have dated one another as well.And I did My soon to be exwife was a real heavy , controlling woman that would not take care of her self and made me want to jump off a cliff. If you have taken a vow to your spouse, there is no way to justify another relationship, regardless of how you convince yourself you are not being unfaithful, leave it in the past and strengthen your relationship with your spouse and FAMILY,it's not just you affected, what about your family, do the right thing.

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