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Ronstadt went on to record a sequel titled "Mas Canciones."The traditional dance technique associated with both the son jalisciense and son jarocho is the zapateado, a distinctive type of footwork that originated in Spain.

Music and dance were important elements of Spanish theatrical productions, enormously popular throughout the Spanish speaking world during the colonial period.

The zapateado can literally reduce even the most resistant dance floor to splinters because of the force with which it is danced.

Another kind of music related to the son and intimately connected with a particular dance is the jarabe.

This outfit is often complemented by a large bow-tie, a wide belt and a large sombrero.

It is said that General Porfirio Díaz ordered a mariachi band to wear charro suits while playing for the United States Secretary of State.

The album went on to multi-platinum status, becoming at the time the biggest selling non-English language disc in United States history.

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