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A spokesman for the Carbon Trust said “In a world where the consumer is king and carbon is the new currency, companies that move first to develop low carbon products have much to gain” The development of the application of cold foil directly on the lithographic press has continued to gain popularity and momentum with over 30 units now running world wide.

OFT Technology Ltd, the UK based developer and manufacturer of the Foiltone system report a strong start to the new financial year with 6 units sold within the last 2 months.

We accept no liability for any damage caused by any virus transmitted by this email. OFT Foiltone, the British manufacturer of the Foiltone litho cold foil application system, claims a world first with a system fitted to a six-colour KBA Rapida 162 press in Italy.

Said John Hopkinson, Sales Director, ' There were significant technical challenges which had to be overcome to produce a system which would operate at normal press speeds with a foil width of over 1600mm.

On the second unit cold foil is rolled around the blanket cylinder under tension control.

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"We have now retrofitted several makes of lithographic presses with the Foiltone system, including KBA, Komori, Mitsubishi, Heidelberg and MAN Roland, and has its systems operating successfully in Europe, the USA and Japan.The foil can then be overprinted by the next four units to produce any colour of foil required.As the colour now comes from the process rather than materials there is no requirement for special orders or delayed deliveries for your customers.There are no dies used, the make-ready times are low and the production speed is the speed of the press.A standard application may be the replacement of foil lined boards and with the ability to reverse out the foil the overprinting with white ink becomes unnecessary thereby reducing the process.This will impact on the packaging industry in due time.

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