Cost of updating secondary indices


Edit on Git Hub Global Secondary Indexes (GSI) support a variety of OLTP like use-cases for N1QL including basic, ad-hoc, and short-running reporting queries that require filtering.

Furthermore, for the same reason, updates can be more efficient with Secondary Indexes because only changes to the primary key and indexed column cause an update in the index view.Scylla takes a different approach than Apache Cassandra and implements Secondary Indexes using global indexing.With global indexing, a Materialized View is created for each index.Administrators can place each index partition in a separate node to distribute index maintenance and index scan load.Index metadata stored on the index node knows about the distribution of the index. Instead, based on the index metadata, it only touches the nodes that have the relevant data.Materialized views in Scylla and Apache Cassandra are a mechanism to automatically denormalize data from a base table to a view table using a different partition key.

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