Copy of craigslist for dating

Approximately 27 per cent were from men seeking men, 13 per cent from women seeking men and just 1 per cent were women seeking women.“The major group was people who were having a very pleasant time with someone and should’ve just asked for contact information at that point,” she said.

“You feel like going through the screen and asking someone why they didn’t.”Thomas Edwards — who works as a “professional wingman” who trains people to approach potential love interests in person — isn’t surprised by these statistics.

Wegman, 33, once received a response to a Missed Connection post, though his expectations have shifted with the rise of dating apps.

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“Humans really do value a long shot,” she said in an email.

Lin doesn’t know if she’ll hear from him, but that didn’t stop her from dreaming up her own romantic comedy.

The 24-year-old Washington resident walked past a tall, bespectacled man outside a café a few weeks ago and they exchanged glances.

“The idea of getting a second chance, however small it may be, is very powerful.”Sheer curiosity about the feature’s popularity inspired Brooklyn-based Dorothy Gambrell, a graphics editor at Bloomberg Businessweek, to do some digging a few years ago.

She scanned through posts from all over the country, eventually creating a graphic for Psychology Today that depicted geographic patterns.

It’s still fun to scroll through, she said, “like people-watching but different.”“In this swipe culture, it’s real in a way that some other interactions aren’t,” she added.

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