Consolidating survey results excel


intentional defects and anomalies - 500 kb A review and critique of the arrangement for the integrity test demonstration at the 3rd CFPB.372 The Bolivian experimental - 750 kb A presentation of the B. 365 - 1.7MB An update of the Excel template for fitting load-movement data to failure criteria and to t-z and q-z functions.- 100 Kb Discussion on results of full-scale tests and interpretation of data 322 Settlement of large piled - 1,300 Kb Analysis of settlement for large pile groups with specific reference to storage tanks.320 Analysis of a piled-raft - 420 Kb Case history of excessive settlement of piled raft foundation including analysis and remediation measures.305 Barrette failure in weathered - 850 Kb Failure of a 1.5 x 2.8 m, 44.5 m deep barrette constructed in weathered sedimentary rock of the Jurong formation in Singapore as revealed in an O-cell test.304 Early - 1,870 Kb Early Swedish Contributions to Geotechnical Engineering 303 Monitoring N. -560 Kb Long-term settlement of a three-storey apartment building on piles 302 Settlement of Piled - 1,060 Kb Design for Settlement of Pile Groups by the Unified Design Method. Fellenius looking back at his career 300 Design and Testing for a Project in -375 Kb A case history of testing and analysis for a telecommunications project in Morocco 299 Piles in Lacustrine and Deltaic -800 Kb Two Bridge Foundation Case Histories 298 Discussion 1942 and 10 percent - 610 Kb Pile Driving Formulas.309 On - 8.5 MB Personal thoughts and advice on the signing over one's copyright to journals and publishers.308 Reply to Discussion on Residual - 150 Kb Reply to a discussion on Paper 294.

363 Single Pile and Pile Groups, Hanoi 2016- 800KB Advice on applying the Unified Design to single piles and narrow pile groups and views on response of wide pile groups to load.

319 Failure of embankment on soil-cement - 1,500 Kb Case history of failure of an embankment including analysis and remediation measures.

318 Pile Prediction Event 2011- 335 Kb Results of a response of a CFA pile in terms of capacity and load-movement as predicted by 41 participants in a prediction event.

384 Development of t-z - 400 kb Discussion on adjusting t-z curves to results of static loading tests 383 Libro Rojo - Fundamentos del Diseo de - 7 MB The Red Book in Spanish translation. 383 Red Book - Basics of Foundation - 7MB Typo-corrected 2018 version. 377 Liquefaction - 1,140 kb Liquefaction remediation of a sand fill with measurements of vibration frequencies and amplitude and ground settlement. 371 Views on performing static loading - 750 kb Comments and examples on instrumented static loading tests with emphasis on the bidirectional test method.

A foundation design text book addressing settlement analysis, piled foundations, footings, retaining walls, vertical drain projects, and slope stability, supplementing conventional more comprehensive geotechnical textbooks. T - 500 kb Details on the arrangement of the static loading tests at the 3rd CFPB and where to find the data. 376 Single piles, small pile groups, and wide piled - 610 kb Comments on the unified method as it applies to wide piled foundations with emphasis on the difference in response between perimeter and interior piles. 369 Fundamentals of vibratory - 750 kb Drivability determined from a correlation between penetration resistance and penetration speed demonstrated by a case history and project references.

318 Pile Prediction Event 2011- 335KB Results of a response of a CFA pile in terms of capacity and load-movement as predicted by 41 participants in a prediction event.

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