Chuck liddell dating now

At the third and final match-up Liddell once again won, making it 2–1 for himself, by TKO at in the second round.

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Proceedings were not going well with the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship.Liddell would leave to represent the UFC in the Japanese Pride Fighting Championships and would not fight again in the UFC for nearly a year.Couture went on to face Tito Ortiz at UFC 44 for the undisputed UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in September 2003.Following the steroids controversy with Barnett, Couture faced heavyweight grappler Ricco Rodriguez at UFC 39 in September 2002 for the vacant UFC heavyweight title.Again, Couture found himself in control of the fight until Rodriguez delivered multiple strikes and elbows from the mounted position and was declared the new heavyweight champion at of the fifth round.After their losses to Randy Couture in 2003, Liddell and Ortiz's friendship quickly disintegrated and the two became bitter rivals.

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