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I can be kind of awkward when I first meet someone but if you are sociable and make an equal effort to talk it won't take long for me to get comfortable.

I've been raised in a Christian home and I still attend church every week on Sundays and on Fridays as a volunteer for a soup kitchen whenever I can.

But the police denied it at the time of the accident, and since no one else was injured in the single-vehicle crash, there was never any public inquiry.

However, I found a loophole in Ontario’s Freedom of Information law that allowed me to get a copy of his autopsy.

I am straight forward and do not play any head games and believe strongly in good communication as the bases of a healthy relationship.

My life is quite full-filled and I have reached quite a few of my goals and dreams.

I believe in taking things slowly, as friends first, but in the hopes of things develop Iam looking for someone who is kind, romantic, honest, trustworthy, a born again christian, someone who is interested in a long term relationship, one who is willing to wait until marriage before sex; and someone who is in it for the long hull cause I don't believe in divorce.

My name is Michael, I have a good sense of humor and enjoy life. I'm a bit shy when you first meet me but once you get to know me I can be a bit goofy.

C Watches To Outdoorsy Ministries: Find Single man official woman and every for single toys hurl men that are made to tie each other by online dating. Lying in any matter can cost you later on during partnership. I can say that Christ defines who I am and how I got saved 7 years ago, and started a new journey with Christ Jesus since then. for school , wanna connect with those who pursue the Lord with pure hearts :) I'm kind, down-to-earth, simple, empathetic, and God-fearing. I've never been married yet, no kids yet, so I'd probably prefer a woman who's also never been married yet & no kids yet. I'm not a perfect Christian, and my faith goes through highs and lows, but I'm trying my best to put God first; it would be nice to have someone to support each other in our faith.I am a university student in International studies and modern languages (French-English-Spanish), simply in love with diplomacy with an entrepreneur spirit. I enjoy intelligent conversation, and am a good listener.I was raised in a Christian family on a small farm with a LOTS of chickens and pigs in Sarina, Ontario where I grew up my dad sold the farm three years go.I love my family and friends they are the greatest, especially my Mom and Dad they raised me with loving hands and taught me the word of the Lord one of my favorite verses is Psalm 99. I live a healthy lifestyle which includes working out and eating healthy. Warm, caring grounded and one to protect the weak or voiceless.

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