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The heart features caramel pop corns surrounded by violets, wild strawberry, so strong and seductive and pink jasmine. i cautiously unwrap cherie from its confinement and sniff the spray nozzle and its not positive.

The base is created of fresh patchouli leaves and crystalline musk. so i gotta test it out being a blind buy i should know better.. Any comparisons at this point are just merely, cute.

upon first spray i start sneezing continuously, violently about a dozen or so times to the point where i started to feel nauseous so it had to come off but of course they never come fully off. If you really WANT THIS ONE its hard to get so i have a best advice for you. You can buy it actually on ebay and price is really funny about 15 USD. highly recommend i have lot of alternatives from J Fenzi and they are very good at copying fragrances its not just a alcohol water but it lasts long and smells exactly the same. This thing here stands ALONE, in a lane all by herself. I now have my 2005 bottle of Miss Dior Cherie and am wearing it today. It does smell as described..there's something missing.

anyway, miss dior cherie is a very common, (cloying to me) scent. I already bought alternative version to this fragrance by J Fenzi - Miss Jill Fenzi. Try it and then let me know if it i was right :) This version of Miss Dior Cherie must be one of the most grieved discontinuations here on Fragrantica, and now that I've finally tested it for myself, I have to say I believe the hype! I think I actually like my mixture of Coco with Poison Girl better.

Miss Dior Cherie is young and romantic, she possesses good taste and style, she looks smart, but youth is youth, and this young lady looks pretty with a pop corn bag in hands.

If it wasn't, I'm sure there'd be a full bottle of it somewhere in my future. But there went that Coco Mademoiselle smell again once I put it on. So be aware that the bottle/label/box of MDC changed to the more modern version before the juice inside did!

But I guess it's only telling there is no other like it!

This was a successful blind buy though I was disappointed at first; back then it smelled like Miss Dior (2012) to me, got disappointed and set it aside. I got the impression of gourmand but chic perfume many have already described so aptly here.

I love the mix of gourmand and classic lady-like perfume notes!

I describe this one as 'Strawberry caramel popcorn' with the slightly vibe of Miss Dior original from 1947. It makes me feel so good all day just by smelling myself.

Dior is introducing a new and charming girl, Miss Dior Cherie.

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