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Includes tracks by the Veneers, Dukays, Shadows, Bombers, Five Diamonds and many others.

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Includes tracks by the Silhouettes, Honeycombs, Lee Allen and many more!This edition of doo wop across America features Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvannia & Indiana.CARIBBEAN R&B CLASSICS Twenty US R&B classics that rocked Jamaican dances in the 1950s and that helped to shape the evolution of ska and reggae.Includes artist such as Bobby Darin, Titus Turner, Aaron Neville, Carole King, Roscoe Gordon, Marcels, Neil Sedaka, Zola Taylor, Cascades, Major Lance, Jerry Butler and so many many more!Its 97 tracks, dating from 1954 to 1962, were recorded by Elviss contemporaries.1956 Hit Parade 1957 Hit Parade 1958 Hit Parade 1959 Hit Parade 1960 Hit Parade 1961 Hit Parade 25 YEARS OF DISCOVERY - Volume 1 25 years of discovery features Billy and the Essentials, the Envoys, Concords, Fantastics and many many others!Listen to this cd and you'll be transported back in time!

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