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Nicholas "Nik" Turner (born 26 August 1940, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England) is an English musician, best known as a former member of space rock pioneers Hawkwind.Turner plays saxophones, flute, sings and is a composer.This partnership then developed further, regularly touring in the US performing a set of Hawkwind-centred material sometimes featuring Genesis P-Orridge, Jello Biafra and former Hawkwind members Simon House, Del Dettmar and Powell.One studio album Prophets of Time was released in 1994 followed by the live CD and DVD Space Ritual 1994 Live and another live CD Past or Future? Out of this set of musicians formed the band Anubian Lights, centred on Len Del Rio and Tommy GreƱas from Pressurehed with contributions from Turner, Dettmar and House, as did the band Spiral Realms centred on House and Rio.

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Turner's next project was Nik Turner's Fantastic All Stars, a sax and Hammond organ driven jazz and rhythm and blues band.Dino Ferari) formed Inner City Unit (ICU) with Trev Thoms and Dead Fred.Thoms and Ghisio-Erba had previously played together in Steve Took's Horns who had played their only gig at the Bohemian Love-In.At the age of 13 his family moved to the Kent seaside resort of Margate where he worked at the local funfair during the summer holiday season, befriending another seasonal worker Robert Calvert.His first influences were Rock and Roll and the films of James Dean.On returning to England, Steve Hillage cleaned up the tapes and assembled the Sphynx band featuring Hawkwind's Alan Powell, Gong's Mike Howlett and Tim Blake, and Harry Williamson to record music augmenting the original flute tracks while Turner adapted lyrics from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

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