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The limit on Basic is the amount of unique technology reports you can create.So for example on Basic you could get all of the results and export them for Magento and Omniture Site Catalyst (2 base technologies).

I've even run this my computer in SAFE MODE to try and figure out what's going on... I've alluded that he should try to reset the router but..might cause him /more/ trouble, especially if he doesn't know what he's doing (although, it's not particularly hard...).However when you create a report you can define different filters, providing you with different lists which would provide access to the millions of records for a technology.Yes, sign up for Basic and cancel your subscription.On Pro and Enterprise you can get as many as you need.Our top site data consists of over 2 million active websites and is refreshed on a weekly basis.Our historical top site data encompasses over 80 million websites which are refreshed every month.

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