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Of course there are conspiracy theorists and far-fetched mystics too, but they seem to be outnumbered by scientists.

Judging by the three million who queued to see the linen when it was exhibited in 2000, it seems the average shroud fan is simply an ordinary Christian believer.

Peter Garrido, England The face on the Turin Shroud remain a physical aspect.

Christianity is an individual's feelings towards faith and how we have communion with God, that's more important.

There are international conferences, journals and newsletters in several languages, and you can buy CDs and CD ROMs, books and videos, and framed prints up to life size.

The Catholic church has prayers and liturgy for shroud-related worship, and it even has its own feast day, 4 May.

Your comments so far: The Gospel account of the resurrection of Jesus in the book of John Chapter 20 verses 6 & 7 mentions bandages (plural) that were around Jesus body, with the one cloth wrapped that was around his head separately rolled up on it's own.

Therefore, holy scripture does not support a singular cloth / shroud around Jesus that was marked by his resurrection.

It is not surprising to find priests in their midst, but more surprising that believers included the controversial liberal Bishop of Woolwich John Robinson, of Honest To God fame.

For many, these latest developments only confirm what they have believed all along.

There is a vast international Turin shroud culture and industry.

Instead the scientists are now talking about electrical fields and corona discharges.

"It is extremely difficult to make a fake with these features," they say.

"She entrusts to scientists the task of continuing to investigate." The custodian of the shroud, Cardinal Severino Poletto of Turin, encourages believers to appreciate it as a religious aid rather than a definite historical relic: "It a sign which must help our faith make that journey which leads us to see Christ." And even before the carbon-dating, the Catholic Encyclopedia, conservative though it is, argued that the shroud was probably not authentic.

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