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Yet, as simple and straightforward as this seems, the process of dating objects via radiocarbon is far from simple and straightforward.

Response to Assumptions C14 production in the atmosphere is constant.In researching the pivotal assumptions that the methodology relies on I have found quite a range to consider: Sheridan Bowman of the Department of Scientific Research at the British Museum lists the assumptions as follows: -The atmosphere has had the same amount of C14, (in terms of production, mixing and transfer rates) in the past as it is now. Snelling lists the following assumptions: -Cosmic ray influence on the atmosphere is constant. -Carbon dioxide levels in the sea and ocean are constant.-The biosphere has had the same overall concentration of C14. Taylor, professor of anthropology at University of California Los Angeles and University of California Riverside lists the following assumptions: -The concentration of C14 has been constant over the C14 timescale. -C14 concentration in the carbon dioxide cycle is constant. -C14 decay formation and decay rates are in equilibrium (Snelling, 856).-After ceasing exchange, C14 levels are only modified by radio decay. 3) Carbon ratios are only altered by C14 decay after an organism dies. In order for radiocarbon to be effective in dating objects of antiquity, these assumptions must be true.But as you soon shall see, the assumptions are rife with flaws and unquantifiable variables.These methods were fraught with dating conflicts, many of which will be discussed later.

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