Bsd updating packages


Besides the operating system as a whole, the project maintains portable versions of many subsystems, most notably Open SSH, which are available as packages in other operating systems.

UPDATE 2: On Noobs you won’t need the above hack, but you’ll need to install libexpat1-dev in order for XML:: Parser, required by Frontier:: Client, to install.

If you chose not to install Samba you can copy files back and forth using the excellent Filezilla client configured to use the “SSH File Transfer Protocol.” There’s no need to set up an FTP server.

You may wish to get the XML parser library that is used by several Perl modules.

See elsewhere about writing the image to a larger capacity card and making the changes to expand the file system to make use of that space. UPDATE: If you are using the Raspbian distribution you’ll find smbpasswd missing.

Just download the following additional package: Be sure to set the default time zone to avoid lots of PHP warning messages.

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