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The phrase is written in sparkly, green lettering below the shimmering tiger head.

Swift opts to wear the sweatshirt with no pants and over-the-knee red boots. Since the original sweatshirt Swift wore is reportedly from Gucci and costs ,300 — most people had to improvise and make their own.

Swift was already promoting her second single while dropping her first. I swear, there is nothing you can sneak by Swifties. The phrase appeared as graffiti on a ledge during literally the last second of the 15-second teaser.

Since then, fans seem to have a better idea of what to look out for. Swift's fans have the same thoughts about the phrase "they're burning all the witches" in Swift's newest "... The words "they're burning all the witches" were noticed by fans in the "... The scene features Swift blasting some lightning out of her face while three robot soldiers are coming after her.

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Mit 15 Jahren ging das Sehvermögen des Deutsch-Singhalesen plötzlich innerhalb weniger Monate auf gerade einmal 5 Prozent zurück.

Back in the days before the internet and social media, journalist Nicola Gill was able to get as far as going on a date before Cilla realised what was going on. Watch the clip above to see the iconic TV moment in full.

Pretending to be a secretary, she chose poor Paul Mankelow for a date.

Weit davon entfernt, sich von seiner fortschreitenden Sehschwäche von irgendetwas abhalten zu lassen, stürzt sich der junge Mann aber trotzdem voller Eifer ins Berufsleben. In dem Münchener Luxushotel, wo Saliya seine neue Stelle antritt, merkt keiner etwas davon, dass der neue Angestellte blind ist.

Er übt einfach so lange, bis er keine Augen mehr benötigt, um die notwendigen Handgriffe zu vollführen.

Needless to say, people definitely think "Blind For Love" will be a track title on Honestly, how perfect of a song title would that be for Swift? Like I said, it's literally one second and there are so many unanswered questions.

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