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When I have broached the subject of her using me like I used to use her, she backs off and says that would be dirty.

It builds up and becomes a constant thought and craving, crashing on the beach.

I have these urges about a woman seducing me then taking me back to hers.

Stripping me down, turning me on and strapping me to her bed, so I can be...

now my wife knows that i sometimes like to wear her clothes while we ****, i love the feeling of ******* wearing her bra and panties so i asked if i could try her mom's on. So I arranged to meet a guy in a bar near a gay sauna. I have an uncontrollable desire to be with another man.

The idea was to have a quick drink, make some conversation so we both felt relaxed, then get a private room in the sauna and suck each other etc. To touch n feel their body and to pleasure each other. My wife had made plans to visit her Mom and Dad during the Labour Day holiday and planned on staying over the entire weekend.

When the right combination comes along, it can be some nice, hot fun! I've been sat at my desk for the last few days wondering where my life is actually going. I love women and I love my wife but I find myself wanting to have a man in every way possible.

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