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Materials include biographies, programs, thank you cards and a copy of Nickerson's favorite hymn, "He Knows Just How Much You Can Bear" which was sung at his funeral by Mrs. Materials include biographical reports, memos, correspondence, memorial resolutions, speeches, clippings, a scrapbook, a programme, an interview transcript, a sermon and a bound copy of his UCLA oral history transcript. Additionally, in 1942, as President of Allied Organizations Against Discrimination in National Defense, Beavers led a campaign that opened the doors of war industries to Negro workers on the Pacific Coast. Letter to co-workers from Beavers serving as retired GSM Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder.

The letter's subheading reads, "Diamonds in Your Own Black Yard" and charts company history with a focus on the first Home Office groundbreaking at 4261 South Central Avenue. Bound UCLA oral history interview of Beavers by Ranford B. Materials also include a letter from UCLA Oral History Program Director Dale E.

In addition to her membership on the Board of Directors, Batiste also served GSM as its Corporate Secretary, Statistician, Treasurer, Personnel Officer, Controller and Auditor. Williams' application concerning the Western Avenue and West Adams Boulevard property development on July 23, 1947.

He resigned from American Mutual to help organize the Liberty Building Loan Association where he became field manager. Houston served Golden State from 1925-1945 as Secretary-Treasurer.Folders 8-9 include reports concerning the firm's preliminary survey and the Administrative Procedures Improvement Program (API). The appraiser valued the total land area at 8,000. Houston reported on his contact with artists who are qualified to paint the murals in the new Home Office lobby.Materials in Box 7 include the following reports: Development and Maintenance of Policies and Standard Procedures and Salary Administration Manual: Clerical and Management Positions. Grimes." Folder 2 contains a letter from Lomax to Houston expressing interest in working on the Company's Golden Anniversary history project. The committee approved authorization to architect Paul R.He then left Liberty to become co-organizer of the Golden State Guarantee Fund Life Insurance Company with George A. He was elected President-Comptroller by the Board of Directors on the death of Founder William Nickerson, Jr. He worked in this dual capacity until 1949 when the Comptroller title was removed and he served as President and Chief Executive Officer. Beavers, Jr., was born after the family moved to Los Angeles.In 1967 he became Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer until his retirement in 1977. She had graduated from Jefferson High School and taken courses in what was called the Los Angeles School of Commerce when GSM was formed.Biographies and personal histories include Nickerson's annotations concerning edits. Views On Advertisement" and "A Tribute to William Nickerson, Jr." by his daughter Jessie Mae Curry.

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