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I know its weird im putting it on kang soras page but she too has a role in this. when she talked about leuk it looked as if she couldn't say what she really wanted to say but what the media would want to hear with the little emotion inside. She is so beautiful and I almost fainted after seeing her do aegyo on gag concert and wgm!!they both brought out ach others colors and problems even though they aren't together now, sooner or later they will get married and it will be known through out the media. its best to find that person and hold on to them even n the smallest ways. I really support her movies and dramas and hopes she will appear more on variety shows and cfs!! I was really shocked when I saw her on wgm with Leeteuk of Suju!She is a awesome actress I love her in warm and cozy and sunny as her characters are so bubbly and likable. Misaeng was so incredbile and i just don't know what to say SHE SLAYS!!!! It is really a pity you did not end up with Jong Suk . He never really gave her a chance and I wished to see more of their storyline progress but unfortunately, was so disappointed.The only reason she is not that famous is because she is counted as not that pretty. And I wish you can pair up again with Lee Jong suk as the couple in the near future, in this year or next year or next ten years, I can wait. Lots of luv 4 Arguably Warm:) I really like you in doctor stranger more than lead female. But I'm sad because KWB declined the lead male role. This time you'll end up with Jong suk I am one of your big fan. This messed up the film that would easily earn a 5 stars from me , and surely many others. Kang Sora was awesome in 4th period mystery and doctor stranger.Okay game, very sexy, but it seems more like you`re just clicking through the dialouge and not doing anything. So nice night we are having -At least you are not bored anymore. And it`s contradictory with how she gets mad at first about you saying how she came unarmed, then it turns her on later on Why there was no sound? -So what`s a special forces like you doing in a place like this? Appreciate your efforts though as it`s easy sitting on this end and commenting without understanding why and how the designers work. Where Audra takes off her clothes and lies down topless to make him `trust her` and the hand appears, I have no idea what to do with the hand because nothing on the screen responds, even though I tried pressing everywhere. The story was excellent and the models great, However there is some minor issues in some of the sex scenes with body parts not in the correct position. i donno why LOP games has started to begin so short.there was no story in it.i prefer more climax and multiple girls like the Dirty Picture or Passion One. Sadly it seems there wont be anymore games of similar qualities. 1) graphics in the scene of Audra 2nd time masturbating his cock is wrong (hand out of position, moving wrong direction) 2) feather interactivity lacks some smoothness and a "pleasuremeter" 3) animation in 1st fuck scene (standing) needs some smoothness too good graphics as usual, but as the previous games, sometimes too much text to read, the mini-games are more of a hassle than fun, doing nothing there, for someone that played almost all lop games, this one has the feel of more of the same. Has a real harsh, passionate sexual angle which is the games U. To empower the gamer or make the gamer feel that passion is an applausable effort. Keep it coming and please take this whole gaming genre to another dimension. Love you guys and thank you for all your hardwork to put a smile on the faces of all the gamers on this site (For Free). I feel that the designers can really kick ass if they wanted too. answer at the end (handcuffs) Hi guys, I`m stuck at a really frustrating place.

I hope her dramas in the future will all get high ratings and awesome feedback. if there is that significant other than I believe life will become easier. and the same for kang sora when I saw an interview of 2013 award.Yet there is not even so much as a rumour of her being in talks for any new projects. I'm almost out of videos(of her) on utube to watch..I also watched her dramas... It's unfortunate that the drama project with rain was not pushed through,they cud've been a great loveteam.... It's always such a treat to find a drama that I actually like. it made it even more difficult for him to because then he told about his childhood past.I'd hate to see her become one of those actresses who are more known for appearing in CFs rather than actually doing tv and film work. She really needs just one successful project with a solid lead role to propel herself to the next level in the industry. I really like Kang Sora, I fell in love with her after watching her Just Got Married with Leeteukssi from Suju. which I can understand that it would be hard to love after that.They are so cute and I hope they both will become a real couple! Hmm I don't know if its possible but if they do it, then I will always be appreciative towards MBC!!I also want to wish Kang Sora good luck in her career! I loved her in Dream High 2 since that was the first drama of hers that i intelligent couple without any moaning sounds...... Animation could be a lot better....dangling boobs..pulsating penis.....

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