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The former pro-skateboarder and MTV stuntman checked into rehab last week after another DUI bust.According to his pal Steve-O, Bam has what it takes to kick his alcohol addiction, but can only do so by staying committed to the recovery process.caught up with Steve-O (real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover) outside of a grocery store in Los Angeles and asked what advice he'd offer his friend who is currently undergoing treatment for addiction. "Just 'cause you've got a gym membership doesn't mean you're gonna get really fit.“It was deceased by the time we got there,” he said.The young deer was probably in the last moments of its life when Boyd attempted the rescue. She is fine.” The dead deer was turned over to the West Chester police.He was partially obscured by bushes when Bam spotted him, she added.The deer didn’t make it, said Mike Mc Donald, Chief of West Chester Fire Department when reached by phone Friday.Mc Donald did not know how long the deer struggled in the muddy pond, he said. She gave it the effort,” he said about Boyd’s failed attempt that ended up with her mired in waist-deep mud. According to protocol, the state Game commission would be called in to dispose of the carcass, Mc Donald said.“It was so nice of them to come,” said Boyd Margera about the rescue crews.

The photos show Boyd Margera, who is 16 weeks pregnant with a baby boy the couple plans to name Phoenix, cradling the head of the deer while standing in water above her knees.You may remember that in 2009, MTV released the documentary co-stars and producers staged an intervention urging him to seek help.Seven years sober, he has since turned his life around and even become vegan.Rescue crews from First West Chester and Fame Fire companies responded along with Good Fellowship ambulance and West Chester police.The rescue crews wanted to get her out first but Boyd Margera asked that they try and rescue the deer first.First time DUI offenders are usually eligible for a diversion program in place of jail time, which encourages the defendant to seek help.

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