Backdating of housing benefit dating a police officer


In all other cases, benefit can only be backdated for a maximum of one month from the date of your backdating request.

In order for a claim to be backdated we must be satisfied that: You will need to show continuous good cause for not claiming earlier.

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The more information and evidence you provide to support your claim at the time that you request backdating, the more quickly we will be able to make a decision.

An example might be a delay due to someone being in hospital and having no one to help them make a claim on time.

Failing to claim on time through carelessness or indifference would not be considered good cause.

There can be more than one reason why a claim was made late and claimants are encouraged to provide as much information as possible to explain their particular circumstances.

Reasons must cover the whole period up to the date the backdate request is actually made.

You will need to: Your backdated benefit claim will be treated as being received on the date you first submit it online.

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