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Bank Australia's range of credit cards include a low rate card, a no annual fee card and a frequent flyer rewards card.These products all offer competitive rates, fees and additional features in comparison to similar products on the market.The Bank Australia Platinum Rewards Visa Credit Card offers a wide range of exclusive benefits including access to 24/7 worldwide VISA Platinum concierge service, complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership and overseas travel insurance.Own a Bank Australia No Annual Fee Visa card and pay no annual fee, plus get the benefit to enjoy low ongoing interest rates and up to 55 days interest-free on purchases.Bank Australia (formerly known as bankmecu) is a customer-owned bank with a history dating back to 1957.It now has over 130,000 members who benefit from a variety of financial products and services including credit cards, everyday banking accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, home loans, personal loans and insurance solutions.Bank Australia credit cards offer a variety of competitive features that allow you to cut down on credit costs or take advantage of rewards and platinum perks.

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Fortitude Valley mortgage broker Caroline Jean-Baptiste said the changes were impacting first home buyers and people looking to downsize, such as divorcees."Where the apartments are going up, that's where lenders are considering a higher risk area," she said."It does make getting into the market much more difficult, but sometimes you need to find a more creative solution."Ms Jean-Baptiste said it was mortgage insurers rather than the banks themselves demanding the restrictions."Quite often mortgage insurers will not insure in high density postcodes where the risk is higher," she said."Every bank that uses a certain mortgage insurer will be affected by this lender's mortgage policy."The ABC has obtained data from four major banks revealing suburbs where loans will be more difficult to secure: Finance and mortgage broker Julie Bammon said any "high-risk" borrower would be affected by the growing list of red flagged postcodes.

But she said not all banks would turn down a loan in high-risk areas."There would most likely be a bank or a lender where that borrower would be able to fit because different lenders concentrate on different things," she said.

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