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Everyone is unique, and has different signs of attraction. meeting and talking to someone for the first time is the hardest, but everything gets simpler from there.

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The eight question quiz asks users questions like 'what are your primary fitness goals' and 'what is the biggest factor stopping you exercising? You then tally up your answers to determine your fitness personality and which workout would be most effective.

At the party/dance I go to, I'm asking him to slow dance with me! I use to like him, pretty sure but then he liked this other girl. But then I herd of this rlly nice shy guy, his best friend told me he was gonna ask me out soon. He's really nice cute but quite a lot of girls like him so i don't know if i have a chance with him... I really enjoyed talking to him and just enjoyed spendings hours texting to each other about dumb things.

I don't know the 💗 dude and I keep thinking of all the possibilities if I say yes.(pretty sure I'm some sort if a female version if a player) T_T.. It has occured to me the that he’s 1 or 2 year she older than me, but I really didn’t know if I liked him more than just a friend.

Balance Magazine has compiled a quiz that lets fitness aficionados determine which workout is best suited to their goals and disposition.

Answer the below questions and then scroll down for the results A. Structured exercise is vital to you but enjoyment needs to be the key factor.

bork1200, I think he likes you, but I can't be sure.

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