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The military does not want unwilling soldiers, and it is a massive waste of money to train people who aren’t going to stick around for a while.

Seriously, you have to get all of the geeks and couch potatoes into shape – that’s going to take months – and the draftees wouldn’t have to be leftist or hippies to be very eager to get out.

Community activist Quanell X is famous in Houston for blasting law enforcement officials during protests connected to police-related shootings.

In order to get a perspective on what an officer goes through when facing life-and-death situations, the head of Houston’s New Black Panther Party agreed to attend Missouri City Police Department training.

Reporters accompanied Quanell to see if his perspective might change after the training exercises. Show me your hands,” Quanell yelled during a scenario that involved a routine traffic stop. Quanell fires back as the air fills with “simunition” paintball-like shots. However, he admitted, “If I’m in a high-crime area that I’ve worked, and I know it’s a high-crime area and I know the kind of calls we get, I could easily see me pulling my gun quicker, on a simple call, I hate to say it.” “Please brothers and sisters, if they tell you to do something, do it,” said Quanell said, pleading with people to comply with the police.

In the actual incident, the man would not obey the police officer’s commands. During all the scenarios, he had to make choices that police officers have face every day. “When the suspect started being combative or argumentative, I want to pull my gun.” Facing situations that an officer might, Quanell thinks more backup would greatly help out in the streets.

All of them were based on incidents that have happened in real-life. ” Before he knows it, the suspect reaches for his gun and fires. “I was very close, because he kept coming.” Quanell said race never crossed his mind.

But you don’t know when it’s happening so fast like that.” KHOU New reported that race was never a consideration for Quanell. “Please, brothers and sisters, if they [police] tell you to do something, do it,” he implored, shocked at how many paintball rounds he’d fired throughout the training exercise. And I didn’t mean to suggest it would be a replacement for our current military. But maybe something as simple as this would be a great first step.

“If I’m in a high crime area that I’ve worked and I know it’s a high crime area and I know the kinda calls we get, I could easily see me pulling my gun on a simple call,” said Quanell. You can watch the KHOU News report here: Perhaps this should be the new requirement for the Main Stream Morons and the Black Grievance Industry. Instead of people dumping buckets of ice water on themselves, how about all the wannabe radicals and anarchists taking up this challenge? Most Americans who serve today in the US Armed Forces are better citizens for that experience, thus the nation benefits.

Most interesting was Quanell’s response to a distressed man with a baby.

In that situation, Quanell chose his taser and explained, “if he would’ve pulled a lollypop out of his pocket the same way he just did, I still would’ve used forced to stop him, and then somebody could’ve said, well all he had was a lollypop.

Quick comment here: Anyone who goes through these scenerios gets a fairly good idea about what it is like to actually shoot someone/get shot *without* the life-long angst of the real thing.

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