An error occurred when validating the descriptive flexfield Kannada girl live cam

As transaction commits and log buffer fills, LGWR writes log entries into a online redo log file.c) System Monitor(SMON) :: The System Monitor performs instance recovery at instance startup.

This is useful for recovery from system failured)Process Monitor(PMON) :: The Process Monitor peforms process recovery when user Process fails.

Key flexfield can be used to represent codes that is made up of meaningful segment to identify GL a/c Part no. You can use desc flexfields to tract additional information important and unique to ur business that would not otherwise be captured by the form.

Both Credit and Debit Memo are used for adjusting the suppliers balance and both is a negative amount.

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There are 9 types of Invoices in AP: Standard, Credit Memo, Debit Memo, Prepayment, Withholding Tax, Mixed Invoice, Expense Report, PO default and Quick Match.PA), validating it and converting it to ur our the target module using the standard import program.For approving an invoice in AP we have to raise one invoice for raising an invoice we have some mandatory fields like supplier, supplier number, Payment terms, distribution sets, date, payment method, bank, payment document etc.Helps correctly account for cash, reduce outstanding receivables, and improve collection effectiveness.o Oracle Revenue Accounting: Gives an organization timely and accurate revenue and flexible commissions reporting.o Oracle Sales Analysis: Allows for better forecasting, planning. A field is a position on a form that one uses to enter, view, update, or delete information.A field prompt describes each field by telling what kind of information appears in the field, or alternatively, what kind of information should be entered in the field.Descriptive Flexfileds r used to add additional informations, and these values r stored to the column attributes. A flexfield appers on ur form as a pop-up window that contains a prompt for each segment.

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