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And even if you do find someone that you want to be with, make sure you feel that you are ready for a new relationship and not to rush into things.Emily*, a senior at Framingham State University, says, "I was getting ready to finally enter a new relationship with someone I felt a true connection with.Seeing someone you cared for with someone new can be heartbreaking, and it is understandable to be angry or feel some sort of hatred.You may want to punch walls, rip your room to shreds, quit school or your job, and go on an isolation frenzy where you detach from anyone and everyone who dare enter your path.Exercise your body by taking a class or watching some You Tube videos of easy workouts you can do from home.It doesn’t necessarily matter what you do, but the extra energy that you get from your emotions can be an amazing power source that you use otherwise.

Go spend time with yourself and really take the time you need to ensure your own happiness.

Jealousy is common but as much as the green monster can get the best of us, there are just some things that we should not do when our ex is dating someone new. You will want to stalk your ex, their new bae, their friends, families and every last person you can think of.

As much as information is power, it is also a demon. Instead: Take a break from social media or do a cleanse.

It is okay be feel whatever emotions make their way to your surface. Domini Batista, a junior at Framingham State University, says, "I wanted to tell her how big of a shit he was, but after that I told him that I wish him the best of luck and now I'm friends with both of them." Instead: Find other ways to express yourself.

Be creative by writing, painting or trying a new artistic form.

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