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"Well, I'll have a special gift for you in a bit," Charlotte smiled, the present being an 18-year old sex kitten also known as her daughter.

She also hoped to get her own early Christmas present when she seduced Jasmine's ripe 18-year-old daughter. " Jasmine asked, surprised, as she started the coffee maker.

The gated community looked idyllic and rich, kind of like Desperate Housewives (although in this community the only desperation was for young ripe pussy). " Jasmine asked, looking at the pretty woman dressed way too fine again for just visiting a neighbour, especially the open-toed heels showcasing her nylon-clad toes.

Charlotte found Jasmine so deliciously cute dressed in her adorable Christmas outfit, with nylons, which was a bonus as these were expected to be worn by the women of Estate of the Crown, originally established as a mecca of high society over a century ago in the California sun belt.

" Jasmine asked, not able to remember the last time she'd had a guest over to her house back in Canada, other than Halloween parties and a going away party, but just someone over for coffee? "Oh my," she added, as she saw a kitchen completely decorated in reds and greens.

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So mixing this fantasy, with illustrations, nylons and my favourite season: Christmas I have begun my journey into the wild world of mother & daughter swapping. * Jasmine was making dinner for her husband and daughter when the doorbell rang.

The torments she felt made her confess the charges against her.

The cords were then slackened, and she was re-conducted to her cell, where she remained till she had recovered the use of her limbs ; she was then brought again before the tribunal, and ordered to ratify her confession.

"The house is coming together nicely," Charlotte said, as she walked in.

"It's been a ton of work, but I hate living out of boxes," Jasmine said.

She'd bought him a Guardians of the Galaxy ornament a few days ago, which she planned to give him this evening, but only after he'd given her a big present first. "This community is very gregarious; you'll be hosting many women in your home.

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