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In lieu of a good Australian Partner Visa Checklist, these tips will help you organize as you gather your information: This entire collection of pages on the Australian Partner Visa were inspired by my horror at how little information the department gives potential applicants. Worst of all, once we finally paid the cost of the Australian Partner Visa and got to the upload screen, we discovered we’d wasted hours organizing our information in a way that didn’t fit.

Here are the things we didn’t find out until after paying the Australian Partner Visa cost.

ones if you are looking for something more serious.

Update: There are no major 2017 Australian Partner Visa Changes to report.

In 2017 a proposal to change the process was put forward, but has yet to be implemented.

So it appeared in three different documents that we uploaded (stat decs, living together proof, and length of relationship proof). We tried to take as much work out of the process as possible for our C.

Adult siblings caring for parents can clash over what kind of care is best, how to pay for care and who will perform the care.

The immigration website was a labyrinth to me, with a ton of info about Australian partner visas sprinkled across multiple website pages.

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