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I just want the barbecue."The Holy Grail: the barbecue. My "program," as one candidate told me, is too filled up for most men. Music, kids, family, friends, margaritas, standing shoulder to shoulder with your man, arguing over how long to cook a rib eye. However, you must face certain facts: Questions for Rosie & Sherry can be sent to [email protected]

Meanwhile, my house was becoming headquarters for my nephew's friends, who'd visit Frankie and monitor him closely on his shaky road back to health. As the primaries wore on and election fatigue set in, the puppies and I compared notes on dating. When I was hurt, I learned not to call, text, instant message, or e-mail.I'm not going to tell you how the voting went down in the end, but eventually the other candidates fell away. I am a 40-year-old woman who has never been married. I no longer attend Jewish events because I feel so isolated from them. Single women are at the bottom of the totem pole, especially those past child-bearing age.Finally, he said, "But we'll never get to slow dance with each other."My breath stopped short. We continue to talk every day, sometimes for hours. I mentally flipped through my excuse cards: I have small children, I don't want to get serious, my life's complicated, I have a very sick kid at home. He finally said, "You know, Gigi, I don't want to play games anymore. On our first date, I lit up the barbecue for him and played Teddy Pendergrass. In the meantime, we'd like to offer suggestions to help you increase your chances of meeting suitable Jewish dates.

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