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Talluto expressed regret for what had happened as he was sentenced, but said he did not realise the consequences of his actions.Throughout his trial, which opened in March in Rome's Rebibbia prison, the women described how Talluto had wined and dined them, claiming to fall in love before persuading them to have unprotected sex.Some women stayed with Talluto for months after discovering they were sick.In the end, it was above all his chronic cheating - he juggled up to six relationships at the same time - that drove them away'He did not intentionally seek to transmit the virus,' his lawyer Maurizio Barca said, insisting that Talluto used condoms 'most of the time' and only had sex without them a few times after being 'caught in the heat of the action'.Despite, these sluts went much hornier, dirtier, and more desperate as they were introduced to mom sex!Its not just another website with aged thumbs that you were looking for, but its the sweetest collection of nude ladies pictures and photos that purely articulates harmony and energy of naked older woman!

Luna is still smokin' hot, for an old broad, and this golden girl loves to get her well aged cunt stuffed full of hard cock! Hottest cougars, amazing ladies, sexual housewives, sex-hungry grannies - all these waiting for you inside member area.The women who had asked him to wear a condom said he told them he was allergic or had just been tested for HIV.When the women discovered they were HIV positive - by chance, due to health problems or after other women he dated raised the alarm - they said he said it had nothing to do with him.In the end, it was above all his chronic cheating - he juggled up to six relationships at the same time - that drove them away. The youngest was 14 at the beginning of their relationship, the oldest around 40.Each described the horrors of HIV, from the stigma which distanced even family members, to the trials of treatment.If that had been the case, I would have gone for casual sex in bars, I would not have brought them into my life,' he insisted. She told the court in July of their meeting in 2014, how he told her immediately that he was HIV positive, and how she forgave his infidelities.'We want to get married.

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