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The Ukrainian language is The problem which you may have studying the Russian language is that not all words are spelled the same way as you need to write them. There is a big difference in rules how you should write words, but that is a subject for the whole book.

So even if you are a native speaker that can be sometimes problematic to decide what you should write. The other common thing is that stress in the word usually can be in any part of the word.

That is a result of an influence of Polish, Hungarian and Slovakian.

A lot of people think that those who live at the west do not understand Russian, but that is definitely not right and reasonable people will not treat you worse because of that.

At Ukraine also exists such thing as a mix of both languages.

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I think it is better to choose one language than blending them together and not be able to communicate normally using one of them.

Even though they may sound rather similar, there is a huge difference between Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Though for people from Russia someone who speaks Ukrainian sounds rather odd and sometimes funny.

Anyone who has ever met someone who is a native speaker in Russian for sure knows some of them.

Or more likely they were the first words you ever learned.

It doesn’t have at the beginning or at the end of the sentence, so for each word you need to remember it. One of the interesting subjects is the abusive or obscene language.

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